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Mint 2 31,000 plots coming early Q3
Mint 3 30,000 plots coming late Q3
Unbounded is a metaverse build on the Cardano Blockchain
completely driven by the Community.
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Alpha Access Tablet Mint

To Purchase an Alpha Access NFT, please click on the NFT Maker Payment link below and follow the on screen instructions:

Alpha Access Tablet Information

Alpha Access NFT mint is coming on June 24th at 6 pm UTC:

  • Read about the perks and benefits here
  • Mint price is 150ADA per Alpha Access
  • There are a potential for 4 rarities, the rarer the Access the better the perks!
  • Diamond (250/5000), Sapphire (750/5000), Emerald (1500/5000), Ruby (2500/5000)

Land Parcel Information

Our first land parcel drop is now finished and the following parcels are available on secondary markets:

  • 30,000 - 1x1 Land Parcels
  • 1,000 - 3x3 Land Parcel Estates



Please confirm local territorial rules and regulations to ensure compliance before purchasing







Read our Unbounded Earth Litepaper below!

Get To Know Us.

Unbounded Earth is a Cardano Metaverse project inspired by the history of the Cardano blockchain as well as the awesome Community that has formed as a result. Metaverses are the future... A virtual world in which you can build creations, buy land and traverse everything you could possibly imagine.

The Unbounded Earth team is a small team of people looking to grow with the Cardano Community to create and build a project that is accessible to all and run by its users. It it key for us to tell you that this project is still in its early stages and we are here for the long term. As much as we would like to have this done tomorrow, only with the help of the Cardano Community will we be able to accomplish this!

More About Us.

On a more personal note, we are a small group of individuals passionate about Crypto and especially passionate about the Cardano Blockchain and the project as a whole. We hope to add value to the Cardano ecosystem and build something special that is totally Community driven.

Wanting to Contribute?

Anyone who is looking to participate to the project in any way, please email us with your Name and how to would like to contibute!

Get Involved Now

Who are Unbounded.Earth?

Unbounded.Earth at its core is a Fully-Immersive Metaverse build on the Cardano Blockchain, but it is so much more than that!

We are a small group of individuals passionate about the Cryptocurrency world and are motivated to make a difference in this space by working with the Community.

We are a Community driven project because we want the community to feel like they are part of something bigger, part of a project which could change the digital world.

What is our mission?

Inclusivity: We believe in connecting people in a way where everyone feels involved. Not only does a Metaverse bring people together in a virtual way, but by being Community driven we know that we can take connecting people to another level. A way in which the Community works together to build something amazing, a way in which people feel like their opinion matters and can make a difference.

Inviting: Our Metaverse aims to bring people together, collaborate with them, and build a virtual world in which people are happy to be involved. Not only that, but we want to go another step further.

Informing: Our audience is not just those that are already involved in Cryptocurrency, but also those that have no idea what it is, or why they should be getting involved in it. Therefore, we plan on also providing educational resources for anyone and everyone so that they can make smart choices in the Cryptocurrency world and understand exactly what it's all about.

Invested: This is long term, you have probably heard the expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, this is a journey that we hope you will join us on! We hope in the end to have an entire virtual reality game in which you can use your land parcel NFT's for literally whatever you want, you are only limited to your imagination!

Where does it all start?

With you! You the community will help us build an amazing metaverse project. Then when we are ready, we will distribute the NFT land parcels which will be available to buy, which is essentially an 'In-game purchase'. Once you have the land parcels this will essentially be the ownership of digital land which in the virtual reality game you will be able to build upon and utilise.

The project starts and ends with the support of its community, together we will make a difference!

What is a Metaverse?

The definition of Metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. But what exactly does this mean?

One article puts it like this:
"In these alternate digital realities, people can work, play, and socialise. Imagine, instead of attending a music concert physically, your digital avatar checks into it and derives all the joys associated with the event. Till now, mostly restricted to the gaming world, in the metaverse of the future, people will lead their lives just as in the real world. You will be able to teleport yourself for a vacation or a work meeting without moving in reality."

The other big element of the Metaverse is digital ownership, in which land owners (Those with NFT Land parcels), will be able to deploy assets like in game items, buildings, games, whatever you imagination can come up with into a digital world built for exploration and imagination.

You can check out projects like Decentraland and Sandbox Game, which are built on other Blockchains, for an idea of what it looks like in the bigger picture. One thing that holds true, is that Unbounded.Earth will be seen as a pioneering metaverse! We sometimes forget just how early we are… Here’s looking forward to building bigger and better together!

Much Love from the Unbounded.Earth Team 👊♥

Unbounded Earth Roadmap

U.E Stake Pool Information

We run a stake pool to support the ecosystem and as another way to reward our supporters:

  • Check live information on Pool.pm here!
  • Ticker Name: UESP
  • Pledge: 500k ADA
  • Margin: 2% - All of which goes back into project development
  • Rewards for delegators SEE BELOW!
NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with the process of staking ADA, please check out our article here, watch a video online, or check out the education channel in our discord!

Delegator Rewards!

To thank our community for supporting Unbounded.Earth through staking with UESP, we are awarding our delegators with $EARTH token.

  • If your ADA is delegated to our stake pool you will earn 0.5 EARTH per 1 ADA*
  • NOTE: Currently the system does accrue your balance per epoch but in future you will also be able to check how much has been accrued!
  • Send exactly 3 ADA to this address:
  • The system checks if the sending address is part of the UESP stake pool, if so it calculates the amount of $EARTH tokens to send back along with 1.5 ADA.
  • The below example shows how many $EARTH you would receive based on the amount delegated:
  • Low stake - 1,000 ADA = 500 $EARTH tokens per EPOCH
  • Medium stake - 25,000 ADA = 12,500 $EARTH tokens per EPOCH
  • Large stake - 100,000 ADA = 50,000 $EARTH tokens per EPOCH


  • * The ratio of $EARTH/ADA will be adjusted as the stakepool size changes. The ratio listed is based on the current stakepool size.
  • If the sending address is not delegated to the UESP pool then the system will automatically refund the 3 ADA (minus min tx fees) to the sending address.
  • If the amount received in the System address is more or less than 3 ADA a refund will also be issued to the sender (minus min tx fees).
  • If additional claims are made from the same address in a single epoch then the system will also refund the 3 ADA to the sending address (minus min tx fees).